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STEM-Paper Planes

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Kids just love to make and throw paper planes! Did you know that National Paper Plane Day is celebrated each year on MAY 26TH??
*A great way to get some sneaky fitness in as your kids run around retrieving their planes
*Relaxation- origami is a proven relaxation technique with hidden health benefits
*Bonding and healthy competition
*Design challenges- encourage your students to test their designs and search the internet for different plans and models. What improvements worked?
*Great to use as a research tool and introduction to the topic of flight.

This resource comes with a powerpoint presentation to share with your students with cliickable links to take you to some fabulous YouTube demonstrations of varying levels of difficulty, to encourage and challenge your students

The worksheets use informal, metric and imperial measurement depending on which country you are in or which age group you are working with.

A versatile resource which can be used for both math and science lessons

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