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Sketch and Doodle Notes For Goals and Mindset #AUSTEACHERBFR

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These worksheets are designed to be an open ended activity and reflection tool where students think about their time at school, and what they wish to achieve throughout the year.

Ideally they need to would be re-visited at different times of the year for more reflection and discussion… see what goals have been achieved, which new goals would they like to achieve, and which they would like to continue working on

The students get the opportunity to share with you what they consider to be their personal strengths, their support/safety groups and the peers that they work best with. It may be a useful tool for your planning and pairing of students for various activities

Help your children to reflect on, review, plan and achieve their targets and dreams with this handy pack of goal setting resources! The activity and display materials are perfect for use at the start of a new term and on an ongoing basis throughout the school year.

•This practice of self-evaluation is considered one of the key benefits of Goal Setting as a strategy, in that it encourages students to provide evidence they believe demonstrates they have achieved their goals, while recognising the areas they need to improve in.

•Goal Setting is one of the 10 High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS) that emerged from thousands of studies around the world into teaching methodology.

•The key to this strategy is to set goals and provide success criteria that help students commit to the learning, and provide the appropriate mix of success and challenge.

•By explaining the connections between learning goals, learning activities and assessment tasks, teachers demonstrate the purpose of classroom tasks, making the learning visible to students. This helps students become self-motivated and use learning goals to monitor and progress their learning.

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