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Persuasive Writing Images and Scaffolded templates

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Help your students become proficient persuasive writers in this easy to use way.

This persuasive writing unit will give you the tools necessary to successfully teach this topic in your classroom.

Rubrics, planning sheets, and handouts will help guide you through the process.

Persuasive language is in use all around us: from commercials, to movie posters to political speeches. Therefore, teaching persuasive techniques and language,

can be an extremely engaging task.

This resources aim to make persuasive techniques easy to understand, identify and use.

This is Powerpoint and PDF set which contains images and scaffolds to assist when teaching PEEL paragraphs.

Each organiser explains the different parts of the paragraph (the meaning of each letter P.E.E.L).

*61 page Student handouts-print as required

*80 slide PowerPoint template with guides to introduce and teach your students about Persuasive writing using the P.E.E.L technique

*13 images with text features included

*13 plain images without text features

*Planning templates for each image

*Lined paper

*Editing prompts on each scaffold

*PEEL prompt cards and images

You will receive a Zip file, so please ensure that you have the software to open these files

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