Music Notation Posters- Blue Circles Design

Are you looking to brighten up your classroom? These posters are affordable and guaranteed to do the job.

These posters are perfect for your classroom display showing 22 essential musical notation symbols for use in your classroom.

Included are: Musical Staff, Grand Staff, Measures, Time signatures, Forte, Piano, Crescendo, Diminuendo, Semibreve, Dotted notes, Minim, Crotche, Quaver, Semi Quaver, Flat, Bass Clef, Sharp, Treble Clef, Natural, Quarter res, Rest and Rests of longer beats.

Short on classroom/display space?

Why not Print your images 2 to a page?

Simply select "fit to size", frame image if you prefer that look.... and you will get save on ink, laminate without compromising them as a valuable display.

Flashcards? Look no further......simply select 4 to a page when you print, and you have the perfect size flashcard for your students.

More display cards to come

  • Music notation
  • Number cards with ten frames
  • Periodic table of elements
  • Phonics Cards
  • Alphabet Bunting

You will receive 28 jpeg files plus Terms of use, acknowledgements and store information

These were made using FLAPJACK FACTORY templates, if you would like to make your own classroom decor simply use this link to join

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