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A guide for anyone in their first year of Teaching, or for those returning to Schools after a break.

Have you just graduated from teaching? Is the thought of walking into new Schools and approaching them to employ you just a little daunting?

In this course you will find the help you may need to help build your confidence as a Relief Teacher from the very start.

Included in the FREE course:

  • Welcome
  • The Essential Relief Teacher
  • What are your biggest challenges
  • Qualities of a great relief teacher -Quiz
  • Identifying your strengths and weakenesses
  • Reflection
  • Tips from Amy Price Interview
  • Create your plan of action
  • Preview of the MEMBERSHIP course

Course Curriculum

An introduction To Relief Teaching in the Primary Setting- FREE COURSE

  • Welcome video - So pleased you have decided to join me in this course FREE PREVIEW
  • The Essential Relief Teacher - FREE PREVIEW
  • What are your biggest challenges as a Relief or Substitute teacher? FREE PREVIEW
  • Qualities of a good Relief Teacher - QUIZ FREE PREVIEW
  • Course Notes -Identifying our Strengths and Weaknesses as a Teacher FREE PREVIEW
  • Has this ever happened to you? FREE PREVIEW
  • What are your skills and strengths? FREE PREVIEW
  • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses VIDEO FREE PREVIEW
  • Analysing your results
  • Let's Reflect-Video FREE PREVIEW
  • I have made my what shall I do with it? FREE PREVIEW
  • An Interview with myself and Amy Price of Aussie Star Resources. (Relief Teaching Tips) FREE PREVIEW
  • Create your Plan of action FREE PREVIEW
  • About the full course FREE PREVIEW
  • Thank you for joining me FREE PREVIEW
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