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Continents of the World- Lapbooks and additional activities

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This set covers all of the World's continents in a lap-book format.

You will receive a zipped file with and editable PowerPoint and PDF version for ease of printing.

Each continent has 4 pages for each including a word-search, flag matching activity and a link to some very useful websites to help support your students in completing these activities.

Coloured and black and white covers (English and US spelling available)

* Which countries are in each continent?

* What is the largest country?

* What is the smallest country?

* Population and total land size.

* Largest Mountain and longest river in the country.

* Largest country and it's capital city.

* Languages spoken

* Is country in the northern or southern hemisphere?

* 4 interesting facts

* Editable sheet so that you can create your own pages to add to the lap-books.

100 pages

This is a zipped file so please ensure that you have the software to enable you to open it.

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