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Emotions and Feelings-Play mats and discussion cards

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This set of cards and teacher notes contains 24 Scenario cards with blank multicultural faces on them.

They can be used laminated as playdough mats or to draw on with whiteboard markers. Googly eyes also work really well with this activity and a lot of fun (eye not included)

You can use them as discussion starters shown on the whiteboard and discuss how each character would be feeling

  • What would their faces look like?
  • How would their eyes look?
  • Would they have wrinkles on their forehead? Why or why not?
  • How would their mouth look?

I have included smaller versions of the cards so that students could use these in barrier games where one child makes a face, and then has to describe to a partner what their face looks like (there is a book or screen between them) This is a wonderful activity for talking and listening.

Barrier games are a great way to encourage expressive and receptive language skills

Scenarios include

  • My best friend won't play with me (male and female versions)
  • My dog is sick
  • I have a new baby sister
  • I have a new baby brother
  • I found $20
  • I am going to a birthday party
  • I lost a tooth
  • I won a race
  • I lost a race
  • My teacher gave me a sticker (male and female versions)
  • I fell over in the playground
  • I have no lunch
  • I made a new friend (male and female versions)
  • I missed the bus (male and female versions)
  • I have a new friend
  • I found a baby bird
  • I fell off the monkey bars
  • We are having pizza for tea
  • I am getting a kitten
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