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Dot Cards- Subitising Extension

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Subitising is the ability to recognise patterns of dots instantly without having to count them. This is integrated into the Early Mathematical framework as a basis for building further strategic thinking after the Emergent Stage. Counting by ones can often be a strategy that can be a hard one to shift with some learners. Ongoing exposure to these regular patterns can be useful to lead on to more complex strategies.

The following cards are an extension of this basic concept, the students look for those patterns within a larger group in order to get a notion of combining groups of patterns in order to ‘see’ a larger number without having to count.

The following video is an excellent example of how to open discussions with your students and encourage them to explain their mathematical thinking. Simply click onto this link, or the image to watch the presentation. You can ask your students to ‘draw’ an image of what they see, or simply discuss this in pairs, groups, or a teacher led discussion. (Counting by one is not encouraged with this activity).

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