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Christmas Mandalas - Maths meets Art (Symmetry and Concentric Circles)

This resource will be a winner over the Festive Season, I have used Mandalas and Geometry hand in hand with great success over the years. Experiment with shapes and mirrors and explore how a kaleidoscope actually works. I have included some fantastic links in this resource that will show you how to create a Mandala, how to divide your shape into concentric circles using a compass.
The YouTube videos included will show your students how to create some exciting Mandalas of their own.
This resource is designed to link mathematics, art and the theme of celebrations together in one neat activity.
Discuss with your students the definition of symmetry and find examples of it in the classroom, every day life and in historical mosaics and art pieces.
Concentric circles and geometry can be discussed within this activity, and students encouraged to use a compass to draw circles. This YouTube video may also be useful as a lead up activity or another lesson based on concentric circles
You will receive a 70 page PDF which includes 53 pages of images and 2 sheets of colored shapes that you can print of and laminate for use with mirrors to explore symmetry. Exciting stuff!!!!

You'll get 1 PDF

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