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This bundle of Christmas activities is well under half the price if you were to buy each product individually. There are over 200 pages of invaluable resources, information great websites to explore to use with the IWB or perhaps complete some of the fun web quests included in the K-6 thematic unit of work

**K-6 Thematic Unit of work- Cross Curricular **
This unit of work covers most subject areas so that the learning and activities involved in the pack are authentic, engaging and relevant to the theme of Celebrations (Particularly the theme of Christmas).

**Fast Finishing, Brain breaks or extension activities with a Christmas theme **
The Fast finishing activities would make great brain breaks or challenges to be used in group or for individual tasks in literacy or maths rotations. Plenty there to get the brain ticking over.

**Christmas Acts of Kindness **
Christmas is all about the spirit of giving so the editable acts of kindness will encourage your students to consider the needs and feelings of others around them. It is amazing what a positive classroom environment this resource creates

** Elf yourself and Reindeer yourself**
Both of the PDF's included in this pack make for a fun classroom Craft activity and classroom display. The results are hilarious and students love to see each others as Santa's little trusty elves or his tried and trusted Reindeer friends

**Christmas Mandalas - Geometry, concentric circles and symmetry **
All of these mathematical concepts are covered in this wonderful resource. The results are nothing short of impressive.
Encourage your students to examine symmetry and design using mirrors for inspiration.
Use the Christmas templates to create a personalized mandala where each child can express through art......the meaning of Christmas.
For those of you who love to teach line and zen tangles, these templates lend themselves beautifully to this activity.

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