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Base Ten Trading Games

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What will you need?

•Each player needs a gameboard, some MAB blocks (ten units, and whatever the goal number of tens and hundreds are for each game)

•One dice for games up to fifty.

•You can introduce two dice to play the game of Mouse Trap 50 and 100 trade.


•The person who throws the highest number goes first (or has longest hair, next birthday

....paper, scissors, rock etc).

•The aim of the game is to be the first player to cover all of their ten blocks (or all of the blocks on their playmat….this is determined by group agreement of the rules)

•Roll the die or dice, and collect the corresponding number of blocks to be placed on the game board on any of the spaces shown that will fit the block shape.

•When ten unit (one) blocks have been collected, they can be ‘traded’ for a long (Ten’) and placed on a long shape on the board.

•When playing with two dice, encourage students to take the amount from the ‘bank’ tens and ones, and place them on the board. If the player has enough ones in their turn they can trade using ones on the board that may already be in play.

•In the hundreds game, the winner is the first to trade to 100.

You will receive 5 playing boards in both colour and black and white, playing rules and variations of the game.

This is a PDF file.

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