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Teal Coloured Alphabet Posters with Pictures, Ideal for Bulletin Boards

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Alphabet Posters in a Teal design make letter recognition and word work fun and active.

You can use the letter posters during small group, whole group, circle, and centre time.

It is a great addition to any literacy centre or Daily 5 word work centre

They have been designed for a preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten classroom.

Included in this Alphabet Set:

Large Full Page Letter Cards with images that start with each initial sound (one letter card per page)

Fun letter activities to try using the letter posters: Here are some ideas for using them in the classroom-

Match letter manipulatives to letter cards (whole alphabet, teacher selected letters, or letters in their name)

Make a book

Play-dough mats (roll play-dough snakes to make the letters)

Sound match game (students can match pictures or various objects with the letter that makes the corresponding sound)

Post in the classroom for students to use as a reference

Use manipulatives (ex: jewels, coins, beads, pom poms)to trace/make the letter

Trace letters with dry erase markers

Write the Room Letters

Hide and Seek Letters

ABC order

Laminate and cover with shaving cream. Trace the letters in shaving cream.

Letter Musical Chairs

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