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Sea Themed Bundle K, Year 1 and 2

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This booklet will help you plan for a week or more (up to a month if needed) . The theme of this series of booklets is 'Under the Sea'. The focus books are "the Rainbow Fish" by Marcus Pfister and Eric Carle's beautiful story 'A house for Hermit Crab'. There are so many picture books available it was hard to choose. This resource comes with 2 PDF, Behaviour management strategies(7 pages) , and the resource booklet (27 pages). There are hints for what to take with you on Relief days with links to some great Relief Teaching ideas pages. The suggested timetable has interactive links to my pinterest board, so that your resources will continue to grow as more pins are added. Within the book there are over 60 links to websites, and for those of you who follow my 'Surviving Casual Teaching' facebook group, you will know that I have a good working knowledge of helpful teaching resources. I recommend that you buy copies of the picture books for days when you may not have IWB capability.You can never have enough picture books in your life!!!

Year 1

Under the sea, is the theme of this set of booklets. The chosen picture books are 'Where the Forest meets the sea' by Jeannie Baker, and 'Magic Beach' by Alison Lester. this 28 booklet has 60 links to explore to support all KLA's. You can pick and choose the activities that suit your teaching style and the needs of the class. The ideas in this booklet can also be adjusted for kindergarten and year 2 children. A separate booklet with ideas for behaviour and classroom management is part of this valuable time saving resource.

Year 2

This 30 page booklet comes with a 7 page booklet of behaviour management strategies. The theme for the term 2 booklets is "Under the Sea". The focus books in this booklet are "Tiddler the Story Telling Fish" by Julia Donaldson, and "There's a Sea in my Bedroom" by Margaret Wild. Spelling and word work is based on the words from " Tiddler" and I have made a Quizlet to use to support the teaching of these words. The booklet has sections on hints for relief teachers,reading and literacy, numeracy, thematic work, celebration days for term 2 and a page of suggested apps that are a fantastic addition to your teaching resource kit. Worksheets are included for spelling and literacy as well as a feedback sheet which you are able to copy so that you can leave feedback for the classroom teacher you are replacing. There are over 60 links to websites included in the booklet. Please view the video presentation to get a comprehensive idea of what is included in the booklet.

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