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Year 6 - Animal Themed Unit

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Click on this link to see a YouTube presentation of exactly what is in the book

The Year 6 booklet is in the store ready for you to download and explore. Design a lesson plan or a week or more around the fantastic links provided. Adapt the lesson suggestions and ideas to suit your needs and the needs of your students. Have fun, and 'wow' kids with some fantastic videos and games to support the themes presented in the wonderful story 'the Great Bear' by Libby Gleeson. The theme of animals in circuses could spark some lively debate and lots of persuasive writing.

To get the best use out of this booklet, I encourage you to click on all of the available downloads and links. There are many treasures hidden in here. The Pinterest board alone is full of some fantastic and engaging activities for the theme of the animal welfare, sustainability and caring for our environment. You could easily stretch this unit to a month with all the ideas available.

This booklet of activities could easily be differentiated for use with Year 5 or Year 7

Bonus classroom management booklet included

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