• After 30 years of teaching, I thought it was well overdue to start sharing all those gems that you use in your day to day teaching that help make learning more meaningful and fun.

    I began to build a resource kit for myself when I began casual teaching, and then I realised just how many ideas and activities I had been using over the years. I have spent many hours searching through websites, searching books for great ideas and activities.
    I have now collected and compiled my book of activities and hints for casual teachers ......
    A survival Kit to take with you when the phone rings, and you aren't sure what to take with you.

  • Over 600 pages of ideas and activities!!

    This bundle has my most popular resources in it. "The Survival Kit for Casual Relief Teachers"-111 pages of ideas and activities linked across all KLA's. This is a great starter for any Casual Teacher's resource kit, so many ideas that are guaranteed to make your life a little easier.

    Easy Links-Wonderful websites for very busy teachers Have you bookmarked hundreds of links? This book may be the answer to your organisational dreams. It is designed to be an easy to use, interactive resource. It has been sorted into categories with links to provide answers and help for frequently asked questions posed in posts on Facebook and other social group forums.

    Booklet Bundles which are all integrated across all KLA's to make programming easier. These booklets are for all classes with links to online versions of picture books through slideshare or youtube, integrated lesson plans and a fully interactive timetable which links to all of my pinterest boards. Never be short of an idea again. Themes are 'Under the Sea'and 'Animals'

    'First and Second hand accounts'- linked to Australian events in recent history eg opening of the opera house, Harbour Bridge, Apology to the Nation, Cyclone Tracy, Cliffy Youngs marathon run, Cathy Freemans gold medal run. This resource makes teaching first and second hand accounts of events, authentic and engaging.

    Fairy Tales- K-2 A themed unit of work on Fairy Tales for infants classes. Enough activities in here to be differentiated for middle primary students too.

    'Optical illusions - a great brain break to use or can be integrated with Art, to create some fantastic 3D art projects

    'Scattergories'-this game is a fantastic addition to any teachers toolkit, complete with lists for lots of variety

    Digital links booklets- 2 downloads with suggested links to apps and websites for Numeracy and Literacy. A fantastic resource if you don't know where to start looking for resources on the internet

    The files shown in this bundle incredible value To buy each item individually would cost you well in excess of $130. You will get 30 ebooks in total

    This is a winzip file so please make sure you have a programme to open it. Click on each book title to see a description of the product.

    Survival Kit for Casual Relief Teachers

    Easy Links-Wonderful websites for very Busy Teachers

    Term 1 Booklet Bundle

    Term 2 Booklet Bundle

    First and Second Hand Accounts- Australian Topics

    Optical Illusions

    Scattergories Game

    Literacy Links

    Numeracy Links

    Fairy Tales

    Fishing for Answers

    Blank word search template

    Harmony Day activities

    Fast finishers bundle and Xmas activities

    Adrian Bruce @ GoTeachThis

  • O

    The kit is 570 pages, and included in it is the Animal guessing game in both PDF and PowerPoint for use with IWB. (Both 158 pages each)  

    The Ultimate Relief Teaching Survival Kit is designed for any primary teacher, but essentially with Casual Relief  teachers in mind. The book includes teacher written activity sheets and Weblinks to support the teaching of all Key Learning Areas of the Syllabus and save you hours of frustrating searching for online resources.

    Improve your effectiveness as a teacher with a working knowledge of the internet, enabling you to provide exciting and engaging activities for your students and in so doing  increase your chances of call- backs from schools.

    The  resources included in the book gives up-to-date coverage of the context and requirements of relief teaching. It provides a toolkit of professional, technical and pre-tested strategies for use in the classroom that will help make your job as a Specialist Relief Teacher a rewarding one.

    I am so excited to have collaborated with some respected and talented resource makers who have given permission for full versions of some of their resources to be included in this E Book.  Please take the time to check out the other wonderful resources that they have available online to help build your Relief Teaching Kit to be the ULTIMATE ‘bag of tricks’, guaranteed to impress both schools and students alike.

    Included in the book

    • Meet my wonderful collaborators
    • What do I need to do to begin Casual Relief Teaching?
    • Classroom and Behaviour Management
    • Making up your bag of tricks
    • Planning
    • Literacy
    • Numeracy
    • Science
    • History
    • Geography
    • Library
    • Art and Craft
    • Drama
    • Music
    • PDHPE and Games
    • Computer Room Time
    • RFF
    • Mindset and Mindfulnesss
    • Interactive Whiteboards (IWB)
    • Apps for teachers and Students
    • Playground Duty Tips
    • Report Writing
    • Aboriginal Education
    • Special Needs
    • Facebook Groups
    • Pinterest Boards
    • How to Find Free Resources
    • Printable Resources
    • Blank Game Boards
    • Bibliography
    • Troubleshooting Tips
    • Credits
    • My Social Links and Other Resources.

    Printable resources are included in a single bundle  for ease of printing (print on single side only if you are going to laminate)- over 300 items to print for your Ultimate Teaching bag of tricks!!

    Please Read the Terms of Use in the Book (page 10)

    hy this book??